A closer look at Webjimbo

Webjimbo is a computer interface that allows you to access your Yojimbo anytime and anywhere. Its main function is to share Yojimbo data. All you will need is to log in and have your Yojimbo connected. It allows you to search, view and edit all of your files and documents on any computer, no matter what web browser you are using.

Webjimbo also has an iPhone and iPad interface that has made multitasking anywhere even more easily.

The best thing about this is that it doesn’t duplicate your files and data from your Yojimbo account because you will be dealing directly with your Yojimbo account. This ensures that all changes and edits on your bookmarks and notes are up to date.

As usual, with anything concerning the internet, one significant aspect will be security. Your account will be protected by a password and all of your data will be encrypted. This will allow your account to be secure enough to be visible over the internet. It also uses a secure http:// or https:// that provides more security than the average http://.

You will be provided your own URL when you use Webjimbo. For example, johnsmith.findpresence.com. This does not mean that all of your data will be duplicated or transferred to the server. Like I mentioned earlier, no files or data will be duplicated. When you see your log-in page, your browser is coordinating directly with your computer.

Installing the software is not as complicated as other set-ups are. It has a very simple and direct way of guiding you through the process. Just make sure that you are able to read the instructions first before proceeding. If you are confused with something, Google is always there to help you out. The file is just at 22.66 MB and won’t take too long to download.

Webjimbo has a few requirements. You need to have a Mac OS x 10.6 or higher. And since you will also be connecting your main Mac to a connecting computer, the connecting computer can have any operating system (OS) but the supported browsers are Firefox 3+, Internet Explorer 6+, Safari 4+ and Google Chrome.

It is easy, convenient, fun and user-friendly! But, if you aren’t convinced yet – Webjimbo also offers a free 20-day trial. Once you enjoy all of the benefits of this amazing software, you will just want to have one for yourself. Try it and savor the experience.

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